The "Mommy" Role

26 Random Acts of Kindness


It appears that Ann Curry has started a #26Acts of Kindness campaign which I think is pretty AWESOME.  Some people are responding by informing others of the kind act they did.  I think that is pretty cool too because it gives others ideas for a kind act that they can perform.  While “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking”, if you have a precious little angel like I do, there is ALWAYS someone looking.  A parent leads by example.  This has become extremely clear to me every time my one year old grabs my cell phone and pretends to call Dora the Explorer or looks in the mirror at herself after I get her dressed.  Gee, I wonder where she picked THAT up from…..

Anywho, while I may not tweet Ann Curry my random act of kindness for today, I will definitely make sure my daughter sees it.  I need her to understand the happiness that comes from within as you do something good for others.  I need her to see the smile and positive light she can bring into another person’s life just by helping them make their day just a little bit brighter.  While she may not understand that “mommy just paid the toll for the car behind her” or “mommy waited and held the door open for someone that looked like they were in a hurry”, eventually she’ll get it.  Of course I am not curing cancer or ending violence, but I am teaching her to spread love.  Why should love be kept between us?  Love is an amazing and powerful thing that I believe can begin healing the world.  Or at least moving it in the right direction.  You never know how your smile (or lack thereof) can affect someone you don’t even know.  Your random act of kindness can be the one small gesture that calms a person down moments before they snap.  It’s possible.  If we all believe in ourselves and the awesome power our hearts possess, we can show children (our future leaders) that can change this world and make it a positive place.  Do not assume that your “small act” can not make a difference.  If can and it will.  But it has to start with you taking the first step.  Will you join me and take the first step to brighten someone’s life today?


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