The Adventures of Mohawk Tay

A Rebel without a…. sippy cup?

When I first started this blog, I told myself that I would keep the acting post separate from the parenting post.  (I also pondered keeping the wacky shenanigans of my love muffin  hidden from the viewing public, but I realized that there might actually be a support group out there for parents of wacky-shenanigan-committing-toddlers so I’m staying hopeful that I find one 😀 )

Anywho, while I wanted to remain true to my goal and keep my Thursday posts dedicated to #TalentThursday, I thought to myself “What parent ISN’T a talented actor?”  Remember that thing your child did in public the other day while everyone looked on and watched in horror?  Yeah, THAT thing?  While you frantically searched for your cloak of invisibility (which you’ve probably left home for the MILLIONTH time), you’re secretly wishing you could crawl into a hole or teleport yourself to a deserted island that comes with a margarita glass that refills itself.  But you didn’t don your invisibility cloak nor did you teleport yourself to a deserted island (which sucks because I could have used the company 😦 ).  You didn’t crack under pressure!  Instead, you held your head high as your child committed wacky shenanigans in public.  You put on your best poker face and it is actually YOU that should be getting an Oscar nomination, you awesome parent you!

Therefore, I dedicate my #TalentThursday post to every single parent that has had to “act” in a variety of scenes.  From portraying the look of sheer bliss as your child throws a temper tantrum in the middle of a crowded store, to the look of shock and disbelief during a parent-teacher conference (“My child would never do that…”), I tip my hat off to you.  You are all talented actors in my book.  🙂

I will leave you guys with the most recent shenanigans of my rebel munchkin.  For some reason, Mohawk Tay was not impressed with the sippy cup full of water that I gave her while we were visiting friends.  As my friend opened his refrigerator door, she saw it as her opportunity to “improvise”.     Hilarity ensues.

I am happy that we were around friends and family, so this isn’t as embarrassing as it could have been, but I know other wacky shenanigans are coming….each one more embarrassing than the one before…..

I gotta make sure to order that new Invisibility Cloak….  the one that teleports you to the deserted island with endless margaritas…..and soon….

What’s the most embarrassing thing your child has done to you to date?  How did you handle it?  I  want to see which super parents can give Hollywood a run for their money!  😀


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