Behind the Scenes

Preparing for your Child’s First Audition!

Taking your precious angel to an audition shouldn’t be a stressful event (especially for your child).  Since the length of the audition can be somewhat unpredictable, here are a few things to keep your munchkin happy and comfortable while they are there.  In addition to the item shown in the video, also remember to pack your patience and a positive attitude.  Lastly, don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!!!  This should be an perfect time to show off your child’s cheery disposition and amazing personality!  Best of luck to you!  🙂



Any parents of actors out there?  How do you prepare for your child’s audition?



2 thoughts on “Preparing for your Child’s First Audition!

    • Oh this one if for the little people. I used to HATE going to auditions when there were kids scheduled too! Then I noticed that a lot of parents really didn’t pack things to keep them happy to there was usually a lot of pleading and begging done by parents just to keep their little ones calm.

      My munchkin didn’t get the role (they actually picked a boy ::pouts::) but at least she didn’t cause a big ruckus while she was there and she did pretty well on camera!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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