Behind the Scenes

Daryl Muthaeffin’ Dixon!

“Dear Diary:  How can I make a blog post that incorporates #TalentThursday, Valentine’s Day and the return of The Walking Dead?”- Me

“You dedicate the post to Daryl Dixon, of course” – Diary


Umm…. when the hell did Norman Reedus become so hot???  I don’t recall this sexiness in The Boondock Saints.  I sure as hell don’t remember him having it in Messengers 2.  When.did.this.happen?  Before I go any further, allow me to say that no one will ever come between me and my one true love, but seriously…… Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon…. is effin’ awesome.

Not only was he born in my hometown ::cough cough:: 😀 Hollywood Florida, he has appeared in over 45 movie titles, tv shows and music videos including Lady Gaga’s Judas video.  Need more proof that Norman Reedus is gorgeous?  He was a Prada model….. a mother.effin’.Prada.model.  Let us all take a moment to gaze upon his awesomeness shall we?

p1265659029 ReedusPrada

Norman Reedus Prada tumblr_lu3kd6EfpJ1qkp74h

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing The Walking Dead is if you have not yet seen it.   I must be honest:  I have not read the comic book but I did read the cliff notes on-line.  Hey, don’t judge me, I was curious to see how the show stacked up against the comic.  I will not give you any spoilers here, but you have been warned…. that website is addictive and I really would like to read the actual comic, should I ever find time.

AMC's The Walking Dead

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t care if Rick and his annoying ass kid pranced off into a field of zombies never to be seen again.  Daryl Dixon can totally do the show by himself.  He’s just that awesome.  Daryl Dixon for President.  😉  Be sure to tune into AMC’s The Walking Dead this Sunday Feb 10, at 9/8c and let me know what you think.

Do you already watch the show?  Who’s your favorite character?  Who do you love to hate on the show?

A big ol’ sloppy zombie kiss from me to you 😀

❤ Nik


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