Actress. Mother to a Kick-Ass Toddler. MILF. Horror Lover. Part-Time Vamp. Full-Time Zombie Slayer. Gorgeous Mermaid with a pet unicorn. Cereal Killer.


 I just landed the biggest role of my acting career. I became a mother. What could possibly go wrong? This blog is about the wacky misadventures of me: a first time mom playing the role of actress and mommy….. all while trying to maintain my sanity. Please send help. And tequila. Lots and lots of tequila.


Nicole is a Professional Actress residing in the Miami, Florida area.  She has worked on the set of many South Florida productions such as Dexter, Stuck on You, Out of Time and Burn Notice.  When she is not on set, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and hosting her webseries, Lights! Camera! Mommy! on YouTube.  Nicole is an avid lover of all things horror….and Johnny Depp.


For inquiries regarding booking, please send your request to: LightsCameraMommy@gmail.com .


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